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100% Pure Kona Coffee

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Fast becoming a local legend, our tangelo's are considered the best in all the island – and just maybe the world. just say Yum...

Open Daily – When in Season
Seasonal Tangelos yummmmmy
Latitude 20

ALOHA – it's in the beans

Experience the magical, mystical properties of Sun Dried Hawaii ALOHA in every cup of Kenai Koffee. Thats Coffee with a "K". It's Kona coffee.

the beans of paradise
Aloha, it's in the beans
Farm Liv'n
Captain Cook, Big Island of Hawaii

Shade -n- Sun

When it comes to Kona Coffee location is a major influence on the flavor. Every farm is unique, some with deep soil and some with barren lava rock. At Kenai farm we have it all, rich deep soil, lava rock, sun and shade.

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